NC Realty Solutions Buyer Agency

Learn more about what it means to hire Bill and Mary Jo as your Buyer's Agent

Buyers Agency

When buying real estate, a Realtor® can represent you in several different ways. If you want the Realtor® to represent only your interests - you want a buyer's agent. If you are willing for the Realtor® to represent both you and the seller at the same time - you are authorizing a dual agent. If you do not want the Realtor® to represent you, than by default, they become the seller's sub-agent. Although we are willing to represent you in the capacity that you are comfortable with, we highly recommend you sign a Buyer's Agency agreement with us so that our duties are solely to your benefit.

As your Buyer's Agent we are bound by law to perform the following duties

  1. Promote your best interests
  2. Be loyal to you
  3. Follow your lawful instructions
  4. Provide you with all material facts that could influence your decision
  5. Use reasonable skill, care and diligence
  6. Account for all monies we handle for you

These duties are an absolute minimum. Our goal is to have a completely satisfied client who would recommend our services to others and would employ us again if they needed to buy or sell any real estate. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of North Raleigh, our experience as buyer's agents, and our success in buying and selling homes in the Triangle area.

Keep in mind that until you agree to hire a buyer's agent either orally or in writing, we represent the seller by default. Therefore, avoid disclosing any confidential information that you would not want a seller to know until you are confident that you have chosen your Realtor® and executed a Buyer's Agency agreement. You are not bound forever to the Realtor® that you signed this agreement with. If you sign agency and discover that you are unhappy with your Realtor®, you simply need to put in writing that you no longer want this Realtor® to represent you, date it and fax or mail the letter. Your agency relationship is terminated upon receipt of the letter.

For more information about agency, call us and we would be happy to send you the complete brochure "Working with Real Estate Agents", published by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission. To view this publication on line, visit and click on Publications.