Selling Your Home

If you are planning to sell your home you should seriously consider the services of a professional real estate agent or broker. Many sellers feel that they can sell their home without representation. Although occasionally this does work out, it is not often successful. The home selling process can be very complex, involving many different factors. Please consider the following very carefully before making this decision:

  1. A real estate agent is more likely to get a higher price for your home. The seller sets the asking price, but the actual sales price is determined by negotiations between the buyer and the seller. As professionals, we are experienced contract negotiators. This experience can save you thousands of dollars. As your listing agent, our fiduciary responsibility is to get you the best price and terms for your home. We know how to anticipate and handle objections and negotiating tactics designed to lower the price of a home.
  2. Negotiations do not stop at the price of the home. Buyers will often demand repairs based on inspections, expect financial contingencies, even selling of their own home. Experienced agents understand the way these contingencies may impact the sale of your home. We will negotiate on your behalf to maintain the best possible terms for you and reduce your financial liability. This includes advise about the due diligence fee and period. Remember, until the due diligence period is over, the buyer may terminate the contract for any or no reason. During that time, you may continue to market your home for sale and take back up offers, but you must wait until this period is over to move forward or go to close.
  3. Buyers will often reveal factors about themselves to real estate agents but not to sellers. As your agent, we will know how to interpret this information and help you use it to your advantage. It is our responsibility to share any information with you that may assist you in negotiating a better position. In addition, potential buyers will be more honest with a listing agent when it comes to providing feedback regarding the home. Buyers may be less likely to share any negative feedback directly to a seller. This information is extremely useful when marketing a home. If we know the objections and can help you resolve them, you will most likely get a better price in a quicker time frame.
  4. In this market, most buyers are represented by a real estate agent acting as a Buyer's Agent. You will be expected to compensate this buyer's agent in the form of a commission. This fee varies depending on your market area.
  5. What can you expect from a listing agent? What will you get for your real estate fees? With the NC Realty Solutions team you will get a comprehensive and proven system of marketing techniques. To find out more, check out our Comprehensive Home Marketing System. We think you will find that as your listing agent we will go above and beyond the service of our competition!
  6. If you have not decided what level of representation you want, please review our varied Marketing and Listing Services. We recognize that sellers need options. Many of the larger brokerage firms today are not flexible enough to adapt to today’s market and economy. We want to offer you these options along with the chance to upgrade your selection at any time. We also promise that there will be no hidden fees and we’ll even make sure you have the right disclosures and addenda needed to market your home.
  7. At NC Realty Solutions, we also offer Short Sale and Foreclosure expertise. We are certified by the National Association of Realtors in this area and have experience with Buyers and Sellers. We can help you make important decisions without losing valuable time. We also understand the perspective of the buyers, the role of the banks and investors and the frustrations and pitfalls that are inherent in these transactions. We can help!